Multimedia Interface 3G Low/High mods

Coding procedures selected with specially for your Multimedia Interface 3G Low/High system.


  • Phone and Navigation Input Warning deactivation

    Disables warning screens when inputing destination or phone number when car is on the move.

    Module: 5F (Information electronics)
    Adaptation → Channel: 2
    New value: 250

    Module: 5F (Information electronics)
    Adaptation → Channel: 3
    New value: 250

  • Unlock MMI 3G/3G+ Hidden Menu

    Hidden menu gives you access to developer-level functions, settings and statistics.

    Do not change any settings in Hidden Menu unless you know what you are doing. Accessing some to developer-level functions can make your system inoperable. Use at your own risk.

    Module: 5F (Information electronics)
    Adaptation → Channel: 6
    New value: 1

    Reboot infotainment unit by pressing at the same time buttons SETUP/MENU + Control Knob + Upper Right function key.

    To enter Hidden Menu press and hold buttons: SETUP/MENU + CAR.

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